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2016 in the books! Thank you ALL!!!

With the completion of Burn the Bird this past week, we are done with our 2016 planned events.  We want to thank each and every one of our participants, sponsors and volunteers.  You’ve all helped to put on some pretty amazing events this year!  As always, a portion of your entry fees are donated back to the Great Falls community in the form of donations to entities like The River’s Edge Trail, Women Against Breast Cancer and others.  We will be finalizing the 2016 donation plan soon.

Our tentative 2017 calendar went out in the Burn the Bird bags. If you didn’t get a copy you can see it here: 2017 RaceMT Calendar

If you’re looking for results, almost all of our events are timed by Competitive Timing and you can always find RaceMT results on their site.  The link to BTB results are > here.

We are also prepping our 2017 Race Entry Pamphlet.  If you have any suggestions for it, just let us know… its in the works now!

Thanks again for a GREAT 2016!!!

The Crew at RaceMT

Changes to the trail: City will play larger role

Abigail Lichliter and Lonnie Hill can frequently be found on Great Falls’ River’s Edge Trail either out for a run or a bike ride.

“You can feel seclusion and be gamf.net immersed in the environment” while being in the city, Lichliter said.

“Because it’s so long, it’s accessible to everybody,” Hill said. No matter where you live in the city, you can typically access the trail easily.

After a quarter century of work led by a small group of dedicated residents, things are changing for the River’s Edge Trail.

Doug Wicks has retired as the driving force anagazawe.com behind much of the work that has gone into developing the trail, which is now a 25-mile-long paved city path, plus another 35 miles-plus of gravel or dirt trail.

But with Wicks retired, the work won’t end. The trail will continue to grow in 2016 worldblog.net as a $1.56 million venture will relocate part of the trail to keep it along the river across the road from Applebee’s, the Great Falls Tribune and the Electric City Water Park.

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